Transcending Death . . . . . The Happy Ending.

     These pages contain wisdom from saints and scriptures about how to ease the transition from this world to the next. Almost every spiritual tradition incorporates elements of these ancient Vedic funeral rites. They were originally cognized by Rishis and Sages, and now are enshrined in the sacred Vedic customs of India.

     These rituals nourish the departed soul, as well as family and friends. Some procedures described herein are simple; others are more sophisticated and expensive. But the most important ingredient is free - that is the loving attention from family, friends and guru for the welfare of the departed. These rituals are effective means to focus and convey that comfort to all. 

     The 14 Sections (in the far left column) describe 
"Everything you need to know about death, but were afraid to ask."
1 -  A dozen simple steps for a smooth transition.
2 - Understanding reincarnation, realization and release.
3 - Preparation to leave the body gracefully.
4 - The moment when the soul leaves the body.
5 & 6 - Details of Vedic Funerals.
7 to 14 - A few additional, helpful and entertaining insights.